Hippie Clothing Store Monticello

Looking For an Authentic Hippie Clothing Store Monticello?

Welcome to Funky Hippy Chic Boutique! We offer a fantastic selection of dazzling, colorful clothing that is both comfortable and eye-catching. Many visitors to the area want to participate in that timeless hippie spirit famous in the Woodstock area, but we actually grew up in that era and know what it was like. This makes us the perfect people to operate a hippie clothing store in Monticello.


Our founder, Patti Greco Sunshine, has always impressed and inspired folks with her fashion sense. People were always asking where she got her clothes, so she decided to open a fashion boutique in Monticello to share her taste with the world. Patti’s sensibility for colorful, feminine, comfortable clothing with a Bohemian flair is evident on every rack in the store.


With our wide variety of clothing on sale, you will often leave with a great new outfit, and just as importantly, a great big smile on your face! We don’t just want to make a sale and shoo you out, we want you to feel at home, in a cozy world full of fun and funky items from around the world.


So, if you’re looking for a great hippie clothes boutique in Monticello, you have absolutely come to the right place. Feel free to shop online, or check our hours and stop in anytime we’re open. In any case, the Funky Hippy Chic Boutique is here for you!