Hippy Chic

Embracing the Hippy Chic Look

Maybe you’re sitting at home, looking for more ways to express yourself or connect to the past, and searched up “hippy-style clothes near me.”  You’re looking for something totally unique, more than a little groovy, for a fair and reasonable price. The good news is that you’ve just found the Funky Hippy Chic Boutique, an online store with a physical presence in Sullivan County, New York.


Our store is no tourist trap, nor simple kitsch. We’re offering authentic clothing with original designs, ethnic jewelry from around the world, and hand-dipped incense and lotions imbued with wonderful scents. Everything in our store helps you stand out from the crowd, and embrace that true Hippy Chic look. 


Browse our store or website at your leisure, and connect to a community that believes in good times, good vibes, and good music. Our goods aren’t for everyone, but those who appreciate an open and unique lifestyle will find plenty to appreciate. Once you’ve worn our original fashion designs, such as our denim skirts and jeans, you won’t want to go back. There’s no better time to start living than the present, so explore the Funky Hippy Chic Boutique today!