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We want to show you the warmth and sunshine of the 1960s every day at the Funky Hippy Chic Boutique. Our goal is to take you on a trip around the world back to the summer of '69 and help you, find your confidence and individuality through fashion. We go back to the best trends of the past. Bright, robust fabrics fill our store, including many different ethnic prints and mud cloth prints from around the world.

Funky Hippy Chic Boutique Owner Patti Greco Sunshine

Patti Greco Sunshine

Funky Hippy Chic Boutique owner's mother

Patti's Mother

Like Mother, Like Daughter

From a very young age, I have always expressed myself with clothing and I knew how empowering it was to me to feel that I looked good and even turned heads simply because I was put together in a very unique one-of-a-kind way.  I credit my fashionista mother for my love of unique style. She made many of my clothes growing up and all my gowns for the stages. She would modify these worldly clothes into one-of-a-kind outfits for me.

How It All Began

It all started back in the early '80s when my singing career took me for trips around the world. I was always drawn to ethnic clothing and jewelry, but my travels really brought all these things to the forefront for me. I was being introduced to many different cultures and loving it! I began to adopt their unique styles and infused them into what I was already wearing.

Patti Greco Sunshine sings on stage in red wrap dress

The Funky Hippy Chic Style

Soon, my funky hippy chic style was born. World influenced, Feminine, Colorful, and most of all Comfortable with a Bohemian flair! Folks were always asking me where I got my clothes! After many years of thinking about it, my wonderful husband said, "why don't we open a boutique!" When I opened The Funky Hippy Chic Boutique, my mission was to share my love for worldly style. Being unique and different was always my thing. So there was really no way that I could ever have opened a boutique that was filled with mainstream goods. I knew it was taking a chance, but I had to be true to my mission. We are all individuals and have an opportunity to create our very own look! I hoped that these people who dare to look different than others, think out of the box, create their own look, embrace who they are and accentuate their positives, discover and own their style. In doing that they would feel confident, joyful, powerful, and of course beautiful! For me, clothing and accessories have always been my expression of how I was feeling, truly mood changing. Texture, color, shapes, all this can change the way you feel, the way you carry yourself. 

Patti Greco Sunshine in black Funky Hippy Chic Boutique Groovy jean skirt
Funky Hippy Chic Boutique Owner Patti Greco Sunshin in wrap dress, flowy skirt and boho jewelry

Our Boutique

Our first boutique was small. I sold jewelry and a few dashikis and Baja shirts. The second boutique was in front of our Restaurant Luzon Station Eatery and Saloon in Kauneonga Lake, NY. Home of the original Woodstock of 1969. Now we are exactly where we need to be, on our very own piece of land surrounded by the natural beauty that is Sullivan County. We like to host tie-dye parties, Angel Card Readings, painting classes, yoga classes, and musical happenings are certain to occur! We are always looking for new ways to bring beautiful people together!  We don’t just want to make a sale and shoo you out, we want you to feel at home, in a cozy world full of fun and funky items from around the world.

Patti Greco Sunshine

The Funky Hippy Chick


Patti Greco Sunshine plays guitar on the Funky Hippy Chic Boutique property
Funky Hippy Chic Boutique storefront


Old barn on the Funky Hippy Chic Boutique property

my happy place,

the lawn by the pond

The farmhouse where the boutique now sits. Click Here for the history.

love notes

"Had a fun shopping experience at FHCB this beautiful Sunday afternoon—with Patti curating some well-matched couture separates for my daughter Allie’s fall semester! She provided tireless customer service to make sure everything was perfect! And her own hand-sewn creations are beautiful! Also picked up a fragrant hand-crafted personal care item for some self-indulgence! Will be returning soon—maybe for a Thursday evening Movie Night! "


Karen - Monticello NY

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