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Tis the Season!!

Greeting Funky Hippy Chicks and Chicos!!! I hope everyone had an enjoyable turkey day...I know that for some of us the holidays can be a little bit sad, we miss those who are no longer with us and they can be a bit lonely at times...which brings me to the pick me up! For's getting dressed up in something that makes me feel good...and don't tell me you have no where to go, cause that is just bs...if you are passing a mirror, that is reason enough to put yourself together in something that makes you feel good! For me that has got to be colorful! I have to wrap myself in color and cozy fabrics this time of year. You won't find me wearing a bunch of black, heck no...give me fushia, orange, turquoise...when I am feeling down, I wear color...sometimes it's earth tones, but still color! Ain't nothin monocramatic about grey and black...oh no. Being different is what sets us apart from the rest of the the question is...are you a trend setter or a trend follower? I know what I am!

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